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Nutrition, Health and wellbeing

This pack is all about Nutrition: what is it, what is means to a footballer and what it means for us. Pupils learn about popular myths surrounding nutrition, and hear from experts to eventually analyse their own diets and that of a professional footballer.

Learning outcomes

Pupils will be able to:

  • understand how the body uses water
  • understand the role of water in a healthy lifestyle
  • understand where water comes from in our food and drink.

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Film: Nutrition

In this film players and team staff talk about the importance of nutrition and top tips for maintaining a balanced diet!


Starter activity: Myth-busting food quiz

This fun quiz can be used at the beginning and repeated at the end of the pack to show their improvement in understanding common myths around nutrition!


Main activity: A footballer's diet

In this activity pupils will discover what goes into the diet of a West Bromwich Albion player, then use the Eatwell Guide to review a footballer's and then their own daily diet.