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Self esteem, Identity

This pack helps pupils think about their identity (their qualities, attitudes, skills, attributes and achievements) and how it relates to their self-esteem. They also think about the identities of others. They will set challenging personal goals and develop strategies to achieve these goals, and explore how achievement makes them feel about themselves...

What resources are in this pack?

How long does it take to deliver this pack?

clock 75 minutes


Learning outcomes

Pupils will be able to:

  • identify and discuss the benefits of personal difference
  • identify, discuss and assess their own achievements, strengths and skills
  • express pride in their attributes, and discuss what these say about them as a person
  • identify skills and attributes they would like to improve or develop
  • set targets for improvement and development, and identify ways to achieve these

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Film: Self-esteem

This film explores what it means to believe in yourself. By hearing from a range of people about what self-esteem means to them, this film encourages pupils to positively focus on their own skills and abilities.


Baseline assessment: Draw and Write

This is a baseline assessment activity, which establishes a starting point for each pupil. It should be completed before any other activities in the pack.


Starter activity: Four things about myself

'Four things about myself' encourages pupils to think about how their identity may be similar or different to others. They are encouraged to accept and respect differences between themselves and others.

Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette celebrates after scoring a goal during a Premier League football match

Main activity: What is self-esteem?

Doing this activity will help pupils identify and discuss self-esteem. It will also show them how identifying their personal achievements, strengths and skills can help build their self-esteem.


Main activity: My biography

Completing 'My biography' encourages pupils to think about how achievement makes them feel about themselves. It supports self-reflection and encourages pupils to relate their learning to their own lives.


Self-esteem word bank

This word bank lists key vocabulary about self-esteem, and clarifies the meanings of the words and phrases that your pupils will meet.