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Before teaching this pack it is recommended that teachers read the General guidance for teaching PSHE.

This pack is all about changing attitudes from "I can't" to "I can". The activities will help pupils understand how to bounce back from perceived failure and setbacks, and to recognise the power of positive thinking.

What resources are in this pack?

How long does it take to deliver this pack?

clock 1 hour

Learning outcomes

Pupils will be able to:

  • identify what resilience is and what it looks like
  • explain or demonstrate ways to bounce back from a setback or perceived failure, including how to reframe unhelpful thinking about the outcome of a difficulty or challenge
  • recognise examples of resilience and opportunities to build resilience in their own lives. 

Full Lesson Plan

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Film: Resilience

Resilience – the ability to meet challenges and learn from them – is one of life's most important skills. This film will introduce pupils this idea and get them thinking about how they might become more resilient.


Starter activity: What is resilience?

This activity starts with a baseline assessment to help assess pupils’ understanding of helpful and unhelpful thinking or language.  

Pupils then explore what resilience is, and how they can recognise it.


Main activity: Reframing thinking

A key way of developing resilience and dealing with difficult situations lies in how we think about them. We can reframe our thoughts, changing unhelpful thinking into helpful thinking. This activity helps pupils to recognise this, and to practise doing it.