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Wellbeing - managing our emotions


Wellbeing - managing our emotions

KS1/Foundation, KS2
Health and wellbeing

Emotions are familiar to all of us. In this pack, pupils will be encouraged to talk about their feelings and emotions. Pupils will use what they have learned to identify changes that a character could make to their lifestyle to help their mind and body. 

This pack is designed for KS1 and KS2 pupils. There are variations in the worksheets. 

These resources can be used as a standalone lesson or as a follow-up activity to the Wellbeing - feelings and emotions resource pack.

There is also a home/school pack where resources are available without sign in for use at home.   

Learning outcomes

KS1 pupils will learn:

  • about what keeping healthy means
  • how to recognise and name different feelings
  • how to share their feelings.

KS2 pupils will learn:

  • about what keeping healthy means
  • how to recognise and name different feelings
  • recognise that feelings change over time and range in intensity
  • a varied vocabulary to use to express feelings in different ways.

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Film: It's OK to not be OK

To begin the lesson, play this short film clip to stimulate conversations around feelings and emotions and encourage pupils to express their own. The film compares the restart of the footballing season to the beginning of a new school year and illustrates the hopes, fears and uncertainties that come with new starts and transitions. Using footage from the 2019/20 season, the film includes football players and managers showing a range of emotions.


How are they feeling?

Pupils will identify the emotions by matching the words to the faces. 

This activity is suitable for KS1 pupils. 


Main activity: Managing our emotions

This presentation includes strategies that football players use to help them manage their feelings and emotions. There are links to short video clips where pupils can watch the football players give their tips. Discussion questions are also included in the teacher notes to provoke thought and classroom discussion.


Activity sheets: Managing emotions

In this scenario worksheet, pupils will give advice on how a character might help themselves to feel better.

This activity is suitable for KS2 pupils and there are two versions available; lower and higher ability. This can be a standalone activity or used as a follow-up activity after the main presentation to help consolidate pupils' knowledge. 


Extra time: My week of feelings

This is a take-home activity where pupils will continue to think about their feelings and emotions and make a note of their feelings throughout the week. 

KS2 pupils will also take note of things that they could change and be given the opportunity to self-reflect where they can see if they achieve their goals at the end of the week.

These activity sheets include notes for parents.