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Hydration, Health and wellbeing

In this pack pupils will hear from professional footballers and team staff about hydration and its importance in keeping us healthy. They will then learn about the balance of water in our bodies and what affects this while learning how they can make choices which have a positive impact on this balance.

Learning outcomes

Pupils will be able to:

  • understand how the body uses water
  • understand the role of water in keeping us healthy
  • understand where water comes from in our food and drink.

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Film: Hydration

In this film players and team staff talk about the importance of hydration and give examples of the ways in which they make sure they stay hydrated throughout the day!


Starter activity: What's the difference?

In this activity pupils look at the images of hydrated and dehydrated versions of the same thing, discovering how dehydration has a visible effect on living things.


Main activity 1: Where does my water come from?

In this activity pupils learn about the water content in a variety of food and drinks, considering how much water is in their diet already and comparing that to a professional footballer's.


Quiz: Hydration

This fun quiz can be used at the end of the resource pack to test pupil's knowledge on hydration!