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Taking care of our teeth


Taking care of our teeth

Health and wellbeing

This resource pack is designed to teach pupils about the importance of good dental health and the ways in which they can look after their teeth.

It can be delivered as a PSHE lesson with individual, pair and group activities throughout. This resource has been made in collaboration with dental professionals, and Stoke City FC to ensure a well-rounded and exciting pack.

What resources are in this pack?

Learning outcomes

Pupils will:

  • learn about dental health and the benefits of good oral health
  • understand the roles of different teeth and how to keep them healthy
  • discuss ways to promote good oral health and share the importance of keeping healthy.

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Taking care of our teeth - teacher presentation

Begin the lesson with this presentation which takes pupils through activities all about good oral health. 

After learning about the roles of the different teeth, pupils will look at different activities and decide which are beneficial or detrimental for their teeth.


Our pledge certificate

Download this certificate and award it to pupils who pledge to try and reduce their sugar intake.