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No Room for Racism - Stereotyping

Group of ethnically diverse girls.

No Room for Racism - Stereotyping

Diversity, Fairness, Equality, Identity

This pack is designed to help pupils think about the effects of discrimination or hurtful behaviour, while providing opportunities to challenge and change attitudes, all within a real-life context. The activities offer pupils the opportunity to use their thinking skills through guided activities which aim to reveal pupils’ own stereotypical views in order to introduce the concepts.

The films include clips from professional football players who give their views on racial stereotyping and what it means to be an ally. 

Refer to the Teacher guidance document and the General guidance document for teaching PSHE before delivering this lesson.

These resources have been made with the support of BBC Own It

For more No Room for Racism resources, see the Racism and inclusion pack and to watch more videos from the Premier League and Women's Super League football players, go to the No Room for Racism - Video pack

For more resources on gender stereotypes, see the Rainbow Laces pack. 


Learning outcomes

Pupils will be able to:

  • understand what the word stereotyping means
  • understand that stereotyping is harmful and has a negative impact on people and wider society
  • understand allyship and how to be a good ally.

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Tyler Roberts and Jess Carter

Film: Tyler Roberts and Jess Carter

Tyler Roberts, midfielder for Leeds United, and Jess Carter, midfielder for Chelsea FC Women, both speak about racial stereotyping and their personal experiences. 

Group of Premier League footballers standing together.

Film: Allyship in football

This short clip includes a number of professional football players celebrating diversity and talking about allyship in football.

Image of worksheet.

Main activity: Why is stereotyping harmful?

In this activity, pupils will explore the impacts of stereotyping by analysing the profile cards of various children from different backgrounds. Pupils will think about their preconceived ideas and why we have them. Pupils can write notes on the activity sheet and answer the questions.

Image of worksheet.

Extra time: Design a poster

As an extension activity, set this task for pupils to design a poster about themselves. Ask them to consider all the positive things about themselves that make them who they are. What do they want people to know about them?

This activity could be done at home as a home learning activity.


Teacher guidance - Stereotyping

It is recommended to refer to the teacher guidance document before teaching the lesson. This document includes key information and tips for delivering the session. Key topic vocabulary can be found the end of the document.