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Youth Voice Films


Youth Voice Films

KS1/Foundation, KS2
Diversity, Fairness, Role models, Equality

These two educational youth voice films on diversity and LGBTQ+ allyship empower young people and enable their voices to be heard, giving them a wider understanding of the topics.

Pupils engage in an open and honest conversation about diversity and LGBTQ+ allyship, including their thoughts about how we can work together to make society more equitable and inclusive.

The films support the Premier League’s No Room for Racism and Rainbow Laces initiatives.

These short films can be used as discussion starters in the classroom. You will find classroom activities to support these films in the following packs: No Room for Racism - Allyship, Rainbow Laces - Inclusion has no off-season.

Learning outcomes

Pupils will learn:

  • how we can work together to make society more equitable and inclusive
  • why it is important to support others and make them feel included
  • why we should embrace and celebrate differences.

Youth Voice Film: Diversity

Pupils talk openly about diversity, the benefits of everyone being different and why it is important to embrace and celebrate differences.


Youth Voice - Teacher guides

These two teacher-facing documents include prompts and discussion questions that can be used alongside the youth voice films to facilitate classroom discussions.