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Using the Premier League Values in PE


Using the Premier League Values in PE

KS1/Foundation, KS2

This PE pack uses the Premier League Values (Be ambitious, Be inspiring, Be connected, Be fair) to get pupils excited about participating in PE, whatever their skill level, and explore important life skills along their journey.

Inspire your pupils to think about ways in which they can demonstrate these values in their PE lessons, sport and perhaps across the curriculum.

Use the Premier League Values Wordwall and Premier League Values Wallchart to motivate your pupils to display positive and supportive behaviours.

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Learning outcomes

Pupils will learn:

  • what the Premier League Values are
  • how they can demonstrate them within PE
  • the role they can play in developing important life skills.

Film: Premier League Values

An uplifting educational film which encourages pupils to get excited about participating in PE. Structured around the Premier League’s four core values - Be ambitious, Be inspiring, Be connected, Be fair - the film uses football players as role models and highlights the importance of values-based behaviours, such as working hard, supporting teammates and showing kindness, on and off the pitch.


Premier League Values Wordwall

A poster showing the Premier League Values and associated behaviours for pupils to explore. Print out a copy for your classroom.


Premier League Values Wallchart

This is a printable version of the Premier League Values Wallchart (with three colour options to choose from). 

Once pupils demonstrate each value five times, they will become a Premier League Values Champion!