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Target games – An introduction


Target games – An introduction

Ball skills, Coordination

This pack has a footballing theme. Pupils work within contexts such as being a football fan, stadium visits, and chasing moles from pitches. Every activity has aiming at targets as its focus. Pupils get to practise aiming, predicting, sending and reaching a target with a variety of equipment.

What resources are in this pack?

How long does it take to deliver this pack?

clock 65 minutes

Learning outcomes

Pupils will be able to:

  • Aim and send a variety of equipment to reach a target
  • Aim and reach a variety of targets; into, onto, at
  • Demonstrate underarm throwing when aiming at targets
  • Describe what happens to the body during a warm-up activity
  • Use positional and descriptive language to support success in target games

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Warm-up: Football tour

Using the theme of going on a football-stadium tour, this warm-up engages all pupils. It will raise heart rates while pupils start aiming at a variety of targets and travelling in different ways.


Film: Dress the football fan

This film shows the skill development 'Dress the football fan' activity in action. This activity helps pupils develop their throwing and aiming skills at a stationary target.


Skill development: Dress the football fan

In this activity, pupils 'dress' a football fan (a pretend one!). The fan is really a stationary target on the wall or floor, and the act of dressing it helps pupils develop accurate aiming and throwing skills.


Skill development: Fill the kit-bag

'Fill the kitbag' is a fun challenge in which pupils get to work on accurate aiming and throwing skills. First they develop their aiming skills individually, then they apply those skills as a team, in a group challenge.


Film: Moles and holes

See how to put throwing and aiming skills into practice with the imaginative game 'Moles and holes'. This film demonstrates the game and how to differentiate it.


Game: Moles and holes

This is a fun game, in which pupils practise their aiming skills using the theme of moles at a football pitch. This team game provides fun competition, with opportunities to persevere and to work as a team.


Cool down: Pass the trophy

A fun way for pupils to recap what they have learned, as well as giving the rest of the group a chance to hear other pupils' ideas.


Star training: Target time

This is a quick and fun activity that will help develop your underarm throwing at targets. You can play it on your own or with a friend.