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Challenges from Premier League Primary Stars

By Premier League Primary Stars · Thu 09 July 2020

Every week until the end of the summer term, we are setting education-linked challenges that are a great way for families and schools to get involved in fun football-related activities that will inspire and engage.

Why not have a go at our latest challenge? Show us how you've been getting on with our summer challenge on Twitter at @PLCommunities using #PLPrimaryStars or drop us an email at We will feature some of the best on our Premier League Primary Stars community page and on

Remember to stay safe online - only include the young person's first name and age on their pictures, posts and correspondence with us.

Challenge 17: Premier League Primary Stars Summer Challenge (17 July 2020)

We’ve created the ultimate summer challenge to keep kids engaged over the summer holidays, including activities set by some of our Premier League football clubs. Your task over the summer is to see how many activities you can complete.

To take part, download our challenge poster. When you’ve completed a challenge, colour in the star on the calendar before continuing to the next one. At the end of each week, you can then colour in the football on the map. If you can’t print the poster, download it and save to your computer or phone - once you’ve completed the activity, click on the football and see what happens! 

These challenges cover a range of topics including active learning, Maths, writing and PSHE, with loads of brilliant football clubs like Liverpool, Leicester City and Brighton including their own activities. If you’re a teacher, why not share them with your families?

As you complete the challenges, show us how you’ve been getting on, and tell us what you’ve been up to @PLCommunities using #PLPrimaryStars, or email us at We’d love to see how many challenges you’ve managed to complete, and you never know, you might find yourself featuring on the Premier League Primary Stars website.

Don't forget to check out our previous challenges and share your challenges with us on Twitter via @PLCommunities using #PLPrimaryStars or email

Challenge 16: (12 July 2020) Complete the Speech Challenge - Create your own story by completing one of our comic strips.

Challenge 15: (3 July 2020) Hot Seat Heroes Challenge - We'd like your family to create a question fit for an interview with a footballer.

Challenge 14: (26 June 2020) Roving Reporters Challenge - Write an exciting match report based on our Wolves vs Newcastle clip.

Challenge 13: (19 June 2020) Super Movers Celebration Challenge - Create your own Super Move to celebrate the Premier League season restarting!

Challenge 12: (12 June 2020) Everyday Numbers Challenge - We're challenging your family to show us the numbers you encounter every day.

Challenge 11: (5 June 2020) Try Your Best Challenge - Gabby Logan has set your family the challenge to try and master a brand new skill. 

Challenge 10: (29 May 2020) Create a Character Challenge - We want you and your family to create a character that could be part of a football-themed story.

Challenge 9: (22 May 2020) Be Kind Challenge - We would like you to list some acts of kindness that you and your family will carry out over the coming week.

Challenge 8: (15 May 2020) Share a Story Challenge - Use your imagination and be as creative as you like to complete the story. Once you have finished your story, why not get in touch with an older friend, relative or neighbour and share it with them?

Challenge 7: (8 May 2020) My Inspiration Drawing challenge - We want you to draw a wonderful picture of the person who inspires you and for you to tell us why you admire them. Why not send your picture to an elderly friend, neighbour or relative to brighten up their day

Challenge 6: (1 May 2020) Get In Touch Challenge - Get in touch with a friend, older relative or neighbour and share your letters with us.

Challenge 5: (24 April 2020) Maths Star Training Challenge - Mathematician and television presenter Rachel Riley has set the Maths Star Training challenge - in this challenge you will be asked to record your data and produce a bar chart.

Challenge 4: (17 April 2020) Character Drawing Challenge - Author and illustrator of the How To Train Your Dragon books, Cressida Cowell has set this challenge.  Draw a picture of your favourite book character and share them with us.  

Challenge 3: (10 April 2020) Five-a-side Reading Stars Challenge - Choose a book to read using the 'five finger' rule, television presenter Ben Shires explains what this is. Share a video of yourself reading a passage from your chosen book or simply a photo of the book you have chosen to read.   

Challenge 2: (3 April 2020) Stick with Maths family Challenge - Tackle maths with the exciting set of puzzles and games featuring Premier League player cards. Can you solve the puzzle set by mathematician Bobby Seagull? 

Challenge 1: (27 March 2020) Premier League Writing Stars Challenge - Get writing together and take part in this fun poetry challenge. Write your poems using the theme of 'ambition' and share them with us for the chance to have your poem showcased on our website.  


Safety while children take part in these challenges

While we want children and young people to use their initiative and to be creative with their communication, it is important they follow social distancing guidelines and stay safe.

Safety tips:

  • Parents/carers should stay engaged and support their children, particularly if taking part online or by phone.
  • Think carefully about what is uploaded or shared on social media platforms.
  • Keep personal information private and take care not to give away too much identifiable information in photos and videos.
  • Make sure you have permission to take and share photos or videos of relatives, friends or neighbours.
  • Children and young people should never meet up with anyone they don’t know in real life without a parent/carer present.
  • Parents and carers - it is important to talk to your child regularly about online safety. Let them know they can come to you or another trusted adult if they’re feeling worried, pressured, upset or unsafe.

Children and young people can visit ChildLine for advice or support about a wide range of issues. Parents/carers can visit Internet Matters for online safety advice and support.