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Premier League Primary Stars supports Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

By Premier League Primary Stars · Mon 10 May 2021


This year, Mental Health Awareness week takes place between Monday 10 May and Sunday 16 May. It is all about starting conversations about mental health and the things in our daily lives that can affect it. This year the theme is focused on nature, and emphasises the importance of connecting with nature and how this can do wonders for our mental health! 

The Premier League is committed to using the power of football to raise awareness of and encourage conversations around the subject of mental health.

We’re inviting the Premier League Primary Stars community to take a look at and download our fantastic PSHE resource packs which aim to support positive mental health and wellbeing.

Choose from the range of resources below and decide which ones you’d like to work through with your pupils!

Premier League Wellbeing Stars: We recently launched this challenge and we received some amazing suggestions for designing a Wellbeing Week from pupils all over the country! In this pack, pupils consider the concept of social action and how doing things for others can have an impact on not only other people’s wellbeing but their own too.

Wellbeing - feelings and emotions: Pupils explore ways to take care of their own and each other’s emotional wellbeing, while also learning that it is normal to experience different kinds of feelings at different times. 

Wellbeing - managing our emotions: This pack features a brilliant short film that will help to stimulate conversations around feelings and emotions. Use the supporting resources to encourage pupils to express their own.

Self-esteem - This pack focuses on encouraging pupils to recognise people's qualities, similarities, differences, attitudes, skills, attributes and achievements and how this relates to self-esteem.

Resilience - In this pack there are activities to help pupils understand how to bounce back from setbacks and how to recognise the power of positive thinking.

Super Movers Champions: This is a fun pack where pupils get active and see how they can adapt physical activity to be part of their daily routine.


The following packs are part of a series. They are based on the Super Mood Mover videos which feature Premier League mascots, such as Sammy Saint (Southampton FC’s mascot) and Billy Badger (Fulham FC’s mascot):

  • Change is life: In this pack, pupils explore the concept of change and identify strategies to cope with the uncertainty that change can often bring.

  • Give something back: Pupils are encouraged to think about their own community and how doing things for others can boost wellbeing for everyone!

  • Keeping fit and well: Being active does wonders for our mental health. In this pack pupils will learn about what keeping healthy means - both physically and mentally.

The following resources can be used at school or at home by families:

Home/School - Spread kindness: Pupils can watch the video featuring Dr Alex George, recently appointed as Youth Mental Health Ambassador, share his top tips for maintaining positive mental wellbeing. This is a fun challenge pack, where children are asked to think about their acts of kindness for the week.  

Home school - My daily routine: Pupils will understand the importance of having a routine and how this can help towards maintaining healthy mental wellbeing.

Home/School - Mental health and wellbeing infographics: This pack includes a selection of bespoke infographics which promote positive mental health and wellbeing messages for children.


As always, we’d love to see your pupils enjoying the resources, don’t forget to tweet us at @PLCommunities using the hashtag #PLPrimaryStars

You might also want to explore the #StayWell hub from the Premier League - a growing library of expert advice and top tips to help you stay well, stay strong and stay positive.